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Ocean Jetty 3 Pack Natural Coffee Infused Deodorant

Ocean Jetty 3 Pack Natural Coffee Infused Deodorant

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3 Pack Bundle of Ocean Jetty and Save!

SMELLS LIKE:  a fresh ocean breeze on a sandy beach with a hint of salt water in the air


This is a Bundle of 3x Ocean Jetty Coffee Infused Deodorant 

Introducing our natural deodorant - a safe and effective solution for odor control without the use of harmful ingredients. Made with a powerful blend of natural ingredients, our deodorant is aluminum-free and contains no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or dyes, making it the perfect choice for those who prioritize their health and wellness.

What sets our deodorant apart is the infusion of very own aged coffee oil. Coffee oil is known for its antioxidant properties, which can help improve skin health by fighting free radicals and promoting overall skin vitality. Coffee also is well known for neutralizing odors, this makes it the powerful active ingredient in our unique natural deodorant.

As parents to triplet sons, we understand the importance of using safe and natural products, which is why we created this deodorant for our own family. We wanted a deodorant that our sons could rely on during their active days, without exposing their skin to harsh chemicals.

Our natural deodorant is gentle on the skin, yet powerful enough to effectively control odor throughout the day. Its long-lasting formula provides all-day protection, keeping you feeling fresh and confident. With its natural ingredients and coffee oil infusion, our deodorant is the perfect choice for those who seek a natural and effective alternative for odor control and skin health. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and hello to a natural deodorant that truly cares for your skin. 

INGREDIENTS: organic arrowroot powder, coffee infused coconut oil,organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, organic shea butter, cornstarch, magnesium hydroxide powder, fragrance oil 

HOW TO USE: Remove cap, twist bottom, and apply 2-3 swipes to armpits or anywhere the body that you are looking to decrease body odor. Use daily for you and everyone around you.

***Our deodorant can withstand outside temperature of up to 90 degrees. If you live in an area that exceeds this temperature, your deodorant that may arrive melted. If that happens, place the deodorant in the refrigerator until it solidifies.***

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