• Non-Toxic! Aluminum Free and Baking Soda Free

  • Finally! A Natural Deodorant for Men & Women

  • Uses the Power of Coffee To Control Body Odor All Day

  • Sensitive Skin? Our products are made for people with sensitive skin

  • Hydrates and Soothes Skin with the Power of Coffee!

As seen on NJ News 12 - Made in New Jersey

Your Purchase Makes a Positive Impact

KAFX Body is a purpose driven company. We are about being unplugged, outside, active and connected to friends and family embracing physical and mental health through doing what our bodies were created to do…MOVE. The pandemic challenged us to embrace our mission even stronger. With the mental health of youth declining around the world, we solidified our passion to ensure our triplet teen boys stayed healthy on all levels despite the madness in the world. Out of that determination to pandemic proof our boys, KAFX’s mission was born. A percentage of all KAFX Body net profits supports organizations who provide experiences to decrease teen suicide and increase a positive and active teen lifestyle.

More About Us & Our Mission

Coffee Kills, Body Odor