10 Ways to Make Your Beard Grow Faster

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10 Ways to Make Your Beard Grow Faster

If you’re one of the many men out there who wants to grow a beard but just can’t seem to get it to look the way you want, don’t give up! Try adding some beard oil and the right products to your daily routine, and you’ll be growing facial hair in no time. Massaging products into your beard stimulates blood flow and promotes healthy growth in all directions, while using high-quality products helps keep your beard looking its best, no matter what length it may be at that moment. Here are 10 ways to make your beard grow faster!

1) Hair Growth Products
Coffee infused beard products can help stimulate hair growth while also nourishing and hydrating your facial hair. Be sure to choose a quality beard oil with additional vitamins and nutrients, as well as natural oils such as Argan or Jojoba, both of which aid in preventing dandruff. Coconut oil is also an excellent option for growing out your beard, providing essential proteins to strengthen and maintain healthy follicles.

2) Drink Healthy Beverages
Drinking coffee or tea is a healthy habit, not just for your mind, but also for your body. So grab a cup of joe to help your beard grow!

3) Use a Facial Cleanser for Men
Coffee based beard products exfoliate and hydrate your skin, reducing dandruff, itch and dry skin. Coffee helps bring more blood flow to hair follicles which helps stimulate hair growth.

4) Use a Shampoo and Soap for Beards
Beard washes and beard soap are great for washing the beard and keeping it looking great, while also making your beard smell better. They’re excellent ways to fight off dandruff and keep flaking away, but you should use a beard soap that’s specifically made for beards rather than a standard hair shampoo. These shampoos are formulated without things like parabens, sulfates, and silicones, which can dry out your facial hair in a big way.

5) Exfoliate Every Day
Good quality beard soap with exfoliation properties will be most effective for keeping your facial hair soft and moisturized. There are many options available for face soaps, but it’s recommended that you stay away from bars that have a large quantity of glycerin as well as any chemicals used in manufacturing such as propylene glycol or parabens. In addition, these soaps should not contain synthetic dyes and artificial fragrances. If your beard soap does not list ingredients, don’t buy it.

6) Hydrate Every Day
Drinking water will keep you hydrated and promote healthy skin and hair growth. Hair is made of keratin, a protein. When your body is dehydrated, it tries to compensate by pulling more water from your cells, including those in your hair follicles. By drinking enough liquids every day (even before you exercise), you can help minimize dehydration and encourage healthier-looking facial hair.

7) Trim and Shape Your Beard Regularly
Trimming deadends and split ends on your beard can promote a fuller beard and allow you to shape your beard as it grows out. Even if you have zero plans of growing out your beard, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t groom what is there! Besides preventing ingrown hairs that some men experience, regular trims also prevent hair from getting too long. While longer beards look great on some guys, others prefer more precise looks.

8) Manage Stress
Like most things in life stress will hinder beard hair growth and keep you from growing a full and healthy looking beard. When your body is stressed it releases cortisol into your system, which speeds up hair loss. Stress also increases DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which causes follicles to shrink, making it harder for beards to grow normally. The best way to get rid of stress is exercise. Exercise has been shown time and time again as one of THE best ways to eliminate depression symptoms and raise happiness levels in men. Staying active on a regular basis will greatly aid you while growing out your beard.

9) Work Out Regularly
Not only is exercising regularly good for your overall health, it can also increase your testosterone production. There are many studies linking increased testosterone levels to better beard growth. Working out regularly will also increase testosterone which triggers beard growth.

10) Grow a Long Beard!
The length of your beard is entirely up to you. Find the look you are going for and make it a goal to achieve it. Quality products like Java Beard's Coffee Infused Beard Care Products can help with growth, scent, and the way your beard looks.
While some of us prefer growing a scruffy beard and not getting our hands dirty, for those that do take care of their beards or have been trying to grow a beard for quite some time, Java Beard Coffee Infused Beard Oil is a great addition. The coffee beans contain all of the healthy antioxidants your beard is craving.


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