Frequently Asked Questions


All of our products are made in the USA and are small batch. We do this to ensure the highest quality for our customers. Orders will usually ship out within 2 business days. However, we strive to get orders out same day as ordered. We ship out orders Monday through Friday. 

You will receive an email update when your order is packaged and then a second email with a tracking number when it is shipped. 


Our beard oils and butters are a perfect place to start. Both products will help reduce itch and will promote growth and act as a leave in conditioner. 

Coffee infused oil is our secret weapon! We have used the power of coffee to evolve beard and body care products. Coffee oil has numerous benefits but some of the main ones are: promotes hair growth, softens facial hair, reduces itching, hydrates the skin, beards hair looks smooth and silky.

Java Beard Balms contain beeswax and will provide hold to your beard to reduce fly-a-way hairs and allow you to shape your beard/mustache. Our butters do not contain any beeswax. Java Beard Butters are meant as a leave-in conditioner that smells great and softens your beard all day long!