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Java Beard

Cowboy Beard Balm

Cowboy Beard Balm

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SCENT: gun powder, bourbon, leather, and a hint of black coffee

Java Beard's Cowboy Blend Beard Balm provides a rich and full scent that will take you from the ranch to the saloon. Our balms provide a medium hold to controls those fly-a-way hairs in your beard without leaving your beard feeling heavy. With our beard balms you will see our coffee oil in every tin. The Java Beard formula produces a beautiful marble appearance in every one of our balms. 

The Coffee Oil Difference:Coffee-based Beard Oil products will condition your beard and skin making it softer, helping to reduce itch and dander. Coffee infused beard products have also been shown to promote a thicker and fuller beard. Your beard will look, smell, and feel better.

Ingredients: coconut oil, organic aged coffee infused oil (30+ days), bees wax, vitamin E, unrefined she butter, raw cocoa butter, some essential oil, fragrance oil

How to Use:

1. Using the back of your thumbnail, scrape out desired amount of balm.
2. Rub the balm between your hands. 
3. Apply to your beard using your hands and fingers. 
4. Shape as desired using your hands, brush, or comb. 

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