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Java Beard

Cappuccino Beard Oil

Cappuccino Beard Oil

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"...beard has never been softer and the smell is out of this world.."

- Michael P., Java Beard Customer

SCENT: roasted espresso bean, vanilla, hints of cream

How do you like your coffee? If cappuccino is your go-to then this oil is for you. Enjoy your day with the subtle scent of a fresh cappuccino in your beard. 

The Coffee Oil Difference:

See and feel the difference of Coffee Oil! Coffee Oil Beard Products ignites you to take charge of your life. Coffee-based Beard Oil conditions your beard and skin making it softer, helping to reduce itch and dander. Coffee infused oil has also been shown to promote a thicker and fuller beard. The power of coffee will leave your beard looking, smelling, and feel better!

Ingredients: coconut oil, organic aged coffee infused oil (30+ days),avocado oil, jojoba oil, scented essential oils.

How to Use:

1. SHAKE VERY WELL before use. 
2. Using the dropper, place 4-6 drops of oil in your palm.
3. Rub hands together
4. Apply to beard. Massage the oil into your beard and skin. Re-apply as needed.
5. Use a comb or brush to thoroughly work the oil into your beard.

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